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Sudden beauty

A picture drawn at Tokyu Hands Hakata store in 2021✍️

The title of the painting is "Niwaka Bijin"

Hakata is not only famous for its food such as Hakata ramen, karashi mentaiko, and motsu nabe, but it also has a nationally famous festival called ``Hakata Dontaku'' held during Golden Week. They parade around while banging rice scoops✨

There are still so many things I don't know even at this age👀It's interesting to look into festivals across the country. Because of my job, I can travel to many places, so I held an exhibition in Nagasaki during the Lantern Festival, but next time I'd like to hold an exhibition in conjunction with Hakata Dontaku ☺️

I drew a beautiful woman with Niwaka Senpei on her head✍️

It is a work with retro colors and a cute girl dancing in a sexy pose 🖼️

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