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Otsukimi Burger

The title of the picture is "Otsukimi Burger" This is a work I drew in 2020🖼️ I used to go to McDonald's when I was a student, and it's delicious to eat once in a while☺️ The pattern on the girl's hairpin and collar is a potato🍟, and a rabbit is running from the moon view🐇🍳 The finished work is unique ☺️ The coloring is done using a brush pen, blurring the colors like watercolors 🎨 This picture is popular with people overseas as well, and I would like to draw another picture with a joke like this and use it for an exhibition overseas. The girls I draw often have a mole somewhere in them 👀 This makes them more human and gives them sexiness. I would appreciate it if you could pay attention to it

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