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June 2024 new work “Bull King 👑” production scene!

I drew a picture of a bulldog for the first time ✍️

This painting traveled from Kagawa Prefecture to Kochi Prefecture and was continuously drawn at the exhibition venue 🖼️

The result is a very pop picture🍭

The reason I decided to draw it was because I came across some wonderful figurines during an exhibition at Bar Tie in Kagawa Prefecture...

It's so cute😍

Lladró is a representative Spanish brand, and it is a unique fusion of boldness and delicacy, with a talent for pursuing excellence, and it is actually a very luxurious item.

I started drawing this while looking at this girl during an's long so I'll fast forward it. lol

I'm serious though 🤣

I also had a photographer take a picture of me drawing.

It's getting more and more colored 🎨

This uses a glitter colored ballpoint pen. It sparkles and looks cute depending on the angle 😍

I moved from Kagawa and started drawing the rest during an exhibition at Iwamotoji Temple in Kochi Prefecture✍️

This is at Bunmoto Sake Brewery near Iwamotoji Temple 🍶

We also held a joint exhibition here🖼️

I was thrilled to find a sake called ``Kaoru'' with my name on it.I immediately drank it and continued drawing. lol

It's a shop with a nice atmosphere✨

Finally, add some shading with colored pencils and it’s complete 🙌

It was a very time-consuming work, but I'm very happy that I was able to draw a pattern in a different style than before♪

I put a crown on it for a British feel👑

The title of the picture is "Mr. Bull King"

Your eye color and expression are lovely😍

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