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Takoyaki planet

In 2021, I drew this while I was in the gallery of Tokyu Hands Esaka store🖼

The title of the picture is Takoyaki planet.

"Tower of the Sun" in Osaka's Expo Commemorative Park

The front side is famous, but do you know what's behind the tower? It depicts a black sun with a very evil face (lol)

The sun on the back symbolizes the "past," the red sun on the front symbolizes the "present," and the golden face at the top symbolizes the golden shining "future."

A work by the well-known Taro Okamoto. It seems that there were pros and cons when it was first built, but art is something you don't understand.I'm a fan of Taro Okamoto, and the Tower of the Sun is one of my favorite works because it has a particularly powerful feeling.

For coloring, I applied the watercolors quickly without bleeding, and I also painted the seaweed and ginger on the takoyaki finely to the saturation level🐙

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