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Shuri Castle Easter Festival

A painting drawn in 2023 while in the gallery of Ryubo Department Store in Okinawa🖼️The title is "Shuri Castle Easter Festival" We have held exhibitions all over the country, but this was our first time in Okinawa. I seem to like warm countries and prefectures, and Malaysia and Okinawa are my favorite places✨ I think many people were saddened by the Shuri Castle fire in 2019. I'm also thinking of raising money from the sales of this painting to help rebuild Shuri Castle, in the hope that I can do something in my own small way ^_^ Recently, Shuri Castle has been depicted on the label of Orion Beer, which shows that people are strongly hoping for its reconstruction. I drew this with a cute girl. All coloring was done with ballpoint pen ✒️ This picture is paired with "Ryukyu Paradise" (URL), and it would be wonderful to display them together 💓

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