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pray to the moon

A picture I drew in 2017🖼️ The title of the painting is ``Praying to the Moon.'' Since mermaids have a strong image of tragic love, I intentionally added a Chinese poem that I think is the most romantic. The meaning of the accompanying Chinese poem is... You ask me when I'll be back, but I don't know when I'll be back. Someday, let's snuggle up by the window and talk about the rain that's falling right now. The background was colored with watercolors on cardboard, and the mermaid was colored with a ballpoint pen on copy paper as usual🧜‍♀️ Most of my paintings include the sun and the moon, which generally determines whether it's a morning painting or a night painting☀️🌕 Humans also have sun-like characters and moon-like characters, but I'd rather be the latter 🤔

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