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Pictures I drew in 2017✍️

The title is ``Aimuchi.'' It doesn't look like my painting, but it has a fairly simple style. When I'm feeling down, I draw pictures of animals, which gives me strength and gives me excitement about this earth. The meaning of the Chinese poem attached to the picture is... Dunle River, at the foot of Yin Mountain The sky is like a tent and covers the four fields The heavens are green and the fields are spacious. The wind is blowing, the grass is low, and I see cows and sheep. The background was painted with watercolors on cardboard, and the white leopard was painted with watercolors on cardboard. As usual, I drew on copy paper with a ballpoint pen 🐆 As a ballpoint pen artist, I would like to draw a lot with a ballpoint pen as usual, but this painting is popular with customers despite the small amount of drawing. ↓ Go to product page → See other works from the gallery →

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