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New work “immortal” production scene in June 2024!

A painting I drew during an exhibition at Bar TIE in Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture. The title is "immortal" First of all, here is the completed work ↓↓

In fantasy and mythology, the noun "Mortal" is sometimes used to refer to humans who are destined to die, as opposed to immortal gods. In some cases, "mortal" can also mean "not immortal." The antonym of Mortal is immortal, which means "immortal." I drew a mandala and finished it with a sacred feeling, like some kind of religious painting.

The phoenix in the center is gently watching over the cats.

Let's start with the cat~

Decide on the composition of the main characters

I'll just write down the details~

Appears in person

Phoenix is ​​HARDWORK....

This is what it looks like in the video. I'm in mode. . (lol)

It's not finished yet. Let's start adding colors from here.

This is the finished product! ! It took about 30 hours to complete! ! All of this work was drawn with a ballpoint pen.The coloring is also done with a colored ballpoint pen.The more you look at it in detail, the more depth it has. This is a drawing I drew while awake and concentrating while listening to EDM with earphones. Please put it in your living room! !

#Kagawa Prefecture

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