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"Mandala Lion" and "Lion mandala"

2023 work “Mandalion”

I drew this during an exhibition at Takashimaya Kyoto store.

I arranged a picture I drew a long time ago and drew it again ✍️Recently, I have been thinking a lot about my future life, so I drew a mandala to unify my mind 🙏

A mandala is a painting that originated in Esoteric Buddhism and depicts the world of Buddha and the state of enlightenment. There are many types of mandalas, and while they are a training tool for monks, they are also popular as art around the world ☺️

A work drawn in detail with a ballpoint pen 🖼️

This is the "Lion Mandala" I drew in 2017🖼️

Drawn with a ballpoint pen and colored with colored pencils 🎨

This work was created while in the gallery at a cake shop in Kobe called Chocolat Republic, so cookies, candies, etc. are drawn around the lion🍪🍬

It turned out to be a cute piece of work.

This work was liked by Teruhisa Kitahara, who is also famous for ``Anything Appraisal Group''. Mr. Kitahara owns four of my works.

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