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I miss my hometown

A picture drawn during the coronavirus pandemic in 2020🖼️ The title of the painting is "I miss my hometown" The world has become very difficult, and there are many people who miss their hometowns...We are all fighting hard against loneliness, with many worries. A picture drawn with the feeling that let's all support each other and live in the moment❗️✍️ I personally had a hard time with the cancellation and postponement of exhibitions that had been confirmed due to the coronavirus pandemic. I drew this picture quietly at home without meeting anyone. The meaning of the Chinese poem in the painting is that on a quiet autumn night, when I suddenly saw the moonlight shining on the floor in front of my bed, the white glow made me wonder if it was frost on the ground. there were. When you raise your head and see the moon on the edge of a mountain, you realize that it was that light, and as you look at it, you think of your hometown far away, and without realizing it, you hang your head and become deeply moved. Rabbit is lost in thought while looking up at the full moon. I used a brush pen for coloring🎨↓ The colors are beautiful and I like it.

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