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Bell of happiness

Updated: May 30

This is a painting I drew during an exhibition in Bangkok in 2018🖼️

The title is “Happy Bell”

We have held exhibitions all over the world, and the owl is a popular motif in every country🦉

Owl = hard work. This work was drawn with the hope that something good would happen to everyone ✍️ It shows three owls holding a bell string and harmoniously ringing the bell together. Thailand, the land of smiles, is a Buddhist country. In fact, about 95% of the population is Buddhist. I drew lotus flowers around it to create a sacred picture I colored it with the colors of the Thai flag ☺️🇹🇭 I used colored pencils for the lighter parts and colored ballpoint pens for the stronger colors 🎨

This is one of Kaoru's favorite paintings.

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