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Hana no Ran

A picture drawn during the coronavirus pandemic in 2020✍️ The title of the painting is "Flower Rebellion" I feel like I've seen human nature since the world went crazy due to the coronavirus. The main character in the painting is an image of a strong woman. The meaning of the Chinese poem is, ``Why are we fighting so much in this narrow world like the top of a snail's horn? We are huddled together in a short life that is like a fleeting glimmer. Rich and poor alike, let each of us enjoy our lives.'' Isn't that what you're asking for? People are being asked to refrain from activities that can lead to the spread of the coronavirus, such as going out, but there is no need to refrain from feeling happy or having fun. This is a picture I drew at the time with the idea of ​​not getting sucked into the dark atmosphere. This is one of the pictures I took when I was just drawing at home as exhibitions that had been scheduled were postponed or canceled. The author believes that this is a gorgeous and powerful painting. I used a brush pen for coloring🎨↓

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