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​Artist Kaoru Hashimoto

about Kaoru Hashimoto Gallery 

Official homepage and online store.
All prints sold on this site are official works created by Kaoru Hashimoto.
This website also provides information on exhibitions, live streaming, etc.

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Video now available on Youtube channel

Future notice (Planned)


・2024.5.18 (Sat) - 5.22 (Wed) An exhibition will be held at Seibu Department Store Malaysia!

・2022.5/28-6/5 Ishimaru Bungyodo Exhibition held in (Nagasaki)

・2022.6/18-6/26 Tokyu Hands Nagoya Mozo Exhibition held at Wonder City store

・2022.7/2�E�E/10 At Omotesando Ao Building Hold an exhibition

・2022.8/20-8/28 at Kagawa BRIC Gallery Hold an exhibition

・2022.9/10-9/19 Tokyu Hands Kagoshima Store An exhibition will be held at

・2022.10/1~10/10 Tokyu Hands Ehime Store An exhibition will be held at

・2023.1/2~1/8 Tokyu Hands Shibuya Store An exhibition will be held at


2021.7/1 ←NEW

Kobe Hankyu An article about the exhibition is posted on the website “Everything about a comfortable life E(URL)


Pochitto Kobe An interview article was published on /Pochi Topics (Fure Aibito) (URL)


Nobuyoshi Kuwano Introduced on Ameblo by (URL)


5th Webinar supporting the future of Yamada Nishiki (URL)


​Daily Sports Newspaper Morning Edition , published in the Kobe Shimbun morning edition (URL)


Artist Kaoru design "Sake Yoneyamada Nishiki ESupport Project >“Sake “kaoru Eglass Eon sale E(URL)


Artist Kaoru design Hakutsuru Sake Brewery “Hakutsuru Medicinal Disinfection Mist Enow on sale (URL)

Attention New Item

~Featured items~


All of Kaoru Hashimoto's works are based on detailed ballpoint pens. . From Japanese-style and retro items,

I went to an exhibition overseas and drew it there. We have an eclectic mix of Japanese and Western items.


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