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Pearl Maiden (Tapioca Otome)

A picture drawn during the coronavirus pandemic in 2020✍️ Due to the cancellation and postponement of exhibitions, I was drawing at home every day 💪 The title of the painting is "Tapioca Otome" I'm not interested in trendy things, so I watched with cold eyes as I watched people line up at tapioca shops, but I felt sad when I saw the streets deserted due to the coronavirus pandemic. I drew this picture with the hope that I'll see the cute tapioca girl again someday🖼️ The meaning of the Chinese poem is...a clean spirit, a plain figure, a yellow crown that hangs, a green robe that droops, a pitiful thing. Even though my heart is always facing the sun, people don't realize it until dusk. I slightly added Van Gogh's sunflowers into the background to match the feeling. A work with a sexy collarbone and neck of a girl👩 I used a brush pen for coloring🎨

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